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At Perfectly Nailed we are a collection of Professionals who work together in a common area. Level of expertise and ability varies & pricing will reflect that difference. Confirm your service price with your technician at the time of booking.  Also discuss any nail art at the time of booking to be sure your technician is capable of delivering what you desire. 

A 50% deposit is required for all FIRST TIME bookings & parties of 2 or more.  This amount will be applied toward your total once the service is completed.  If you should need to cancel, do so at least 24hrs before your appointment and you will be refunded.   Failure to cancel 24hrs before your appointment will result in forfeiture of your deposit.  Be aware that NO SHOWS & last minute cancellations (less than 24hrs)  will be charged 100% service fee. 

*'good faith' deposits may be required for re-bookings at your nail technicians' request.

Late Policy:

We understand that sometimes being on time just isn't in the cards however it will effect all of those appointments booked after yours.  To remain fair to ourselves and those booked after you, if you are 10-15 minutes late you lose the option for nail art and repairs.  If you're 20 or more minutes late , a reschedule is in order as well as a 50% service fee.  We do not get paid hourly here at Perfectly Nailed.  if you are 20+ minutes late we cannot fill your reserved appointment time and we cannot complete your service which means then, that the technician has lost money & time.

Perfectly Nailed, LLC has been created for the purpose of professional DRIVE. 

This is a space where professionals can come together & expand their business to better themselves in their profession. 

 This special place is a collaborative of professionals. 

 No one is an employee here & we are all here on our own accord as self employed individuals working under the same roof.  

We have a passion for running our own businesses and work together to keep the space clean & up to date.  

So if you receive a receipt or are asked to write a check out to someone other than 'Perfectly Nailed', don't be alarmed!

This is how it works: The retail is controlled by the salon, so you'll be making payment directly to 'Perfectly Nailed' for that.  

All services are controlled by the technicians, so your payment for that goes to your technician and the price is also controlled by your technician.

  Services can also be discounted  per the technician's discretion. 

 Be aware that some specials may ONLY be with one particular technician unless it's specified as a 'whole salon discount'


 *see your coupon/advertisement for details; if you're unsure please do not hesitate to contact us! 

Meet Jess!

Perfectly Nailed is managed by Jessica Paquet,  a RI licensed nail technician since 2003 specializing in nail art.  

Her background in the art field with the knowledge of a variety of mediums and how they're used has become a true asset to Jess' nail art expertise.  You can view her work on the Perfectly Nailed instagram page @PerfectlyNailedRI.   


The only nail services not performed at Perfectly Nailed are acrylic services.  We prefer a 'smell good' environment.

You can book with her by texting Jess directly at (401)226-5401

See Jess' work & the whole team on Instagram by clicking the icon below:

Meet Julie!

Julie is a MKG school graduate who has been performing nail services at Citron Salon in Providence and is now expanding her experience & clientele with us here at Perfectly Nailed in East Greenwich.

We are so excited to welcome her to the team.

Check out Julie's work on IG @nailsby_jul


You can book with her by contacting Julie directly at 


Or book online by clicking the red button below!

View Julie's work on Instagram by clicking the icon below:

Meet Shayna!

Shayna has been performing services with Blue Sky Spa for the past few years and now seeks to nurture her love for nail art and enhancements with Perfectly Nailed & we are so excited to have her join the team!   

Check out Shayna's work on IG @shaynasnailartistry_

You can book with her by contacting Shayna directly at (401)626-0577

view Shayna's work on Instagram by clicking the icon below: